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History of the PLM (Paris-Lyon-Mediterannee) Railways

*1857 Lyon-Mediterannee and the Paris-Lyon Companies become the Railroad Company Paris-Lyon-Mediterranean (PLM)
The PLM absorbs the Dauphine Railroad Company which adds St Rambert-Grenoble and

Grenoble- Valence
*1867 Railroad Lines of Victor Emmanuel, Culoz, Aix Le Bains and Chambery-Modane are brought into the PLM
*1870 The first standardised buildings for the PLM appear.
*1875 PLM absorbs small companies (Dombes, Railroads of the South East)
*1896 Rebuilding of the Stations from Lyon to Paris for the World's Fair
*1918 The First World War causes dis-organization of the PLM network
*1928 The last lines are constructed and are equipped with regional standard buildings (Martigues, Curry-the-Wheel, Sospel, Breuil)
*1938 The entire PLM network is brought into the SNCF which it is known as today

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<droival mont blanc>
"Vers Le Mont Blanc - Dusk, Day and Night"
Geo Dorival - 1928
30 inches x 40 inches each poster"
ref #Mont Blanc Dorival
Sold as a Set of 3 separate Posters Only

annecy falcucci
vichy tauzin
"Annecy Sa Plage"
Robert Falcucci - 1935

26 inches x 39 inches"
ref #Falcucci Annecy

Tauzin - c1900
311 x42 inches

ref #
Vichy Tauzin
plombieres d'ylen
"Veneux Fontainebleau"
Prieur - 1930
26 x 39 inches

ref #
Fontainebleau Veneux

"Plombieres Les Bains"
Jean D'Ylen - 1931
74 x 102 cm / 29 x 40 inches
ref #Plombieres by D'Ylen

evian julien lacaze
Constant Duval - c1910
30 " x 40"

ref #

"Evian Les Bains"
Julein Lacaze - c1925
30 " x 40"
ref #Evian Lacaze

Nice travel
"Martigny Les Bains "
Delaporte - 1897
30 x 40 inches
ref #Martigny

"Palais Mediterranne Nice"
Hilaire - c1962 - lithograph
25 x 39 inches
ref #Hilaire

bruce skilbeck
monaco clerisi
"Monte Carlo"
2002 - B Skilbeck
25 inches x 39 inches"
ref #Monte Carlo cote D'Azur BS

Clerisi - c1930
26 inches x 39 inches"
ref #Monaco Clerisi

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