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Chagall Nice
Picasso Poster

"Cantiques Nice"
Marc Chagall - 1974
20 x 30 inches - Lithograph by Imp Mourlot
ref #Nice Red

"Picasso 100 Afiiches"
Picasso - 1966 - Imp Mourlot
19.25 x 29.25 inches
ref #
Picasso 100 Affiches 1966

Picasso Rene Char
"Hommage a Cocteau"
Jean Cocteau - 1964 - Mourlot Imp
original 1st printing lithograph - 46.5cm x 70.5cm
ref #Cocteau Hommage

"Hommage a Rene Char"
Picasso - 1969 - Mourlot Imp
46.5cm x 70.5cm
ref #Rene Char

jules cheret
chagall oiseau bleu
"L'Affiche en Couleurs"
Jules Cheret - 1938
39 x 55 inches -Stone Lithograph
ref #
Cheret Expo Couleurs

"Oiseau Bleu"
Marc Chagall - 1968 - Imp Mourlot
original 1st printing lithograph - 76 x 51 cm
ref #Chagall Oiseau Bleu

"Roy Lichtenstein"
Roy Lichtenstein - 1983 Serigraph
25.2 x 29.5 inches
ref #Templon Lichtenstein

"Le Cubisme"
Picasso - 1953 -
Imprimerie Mourlot
original 1st printing lithograph - 20 x 28 inches
ref #Picasso Cubisme

razzia posters

"Mois de la Photo 1994"
Herve Dirosa - 1994 - serigraph
20 x 32 and 39 x 55 inches
also available on Arches paper !!
ref # Dirosa Mois Photo

"Brillo Pasadena Art Museum"
Andy Warhol - 1970
25 x 30 inches
ref #Brillo

Argenteuil Plus Vert"
Andre Francois - c 1990's- Serigraphy
16 inches x 24 inches"
ref #Andre Francois Brush EXP-8

"Picasso Cermaiques Espagnoles"
Picasso- 1964 - Mourlot lithograph
11 x 19.5 inches
ref #Picasso Ceramiques Espagnoles

warhol marilyns
warhol marilyn tate
"Andy Warhol MIlano"
Andy Warhol - 1995
27 x 39 inches
ref #Warhol 15 Marilyns

"Andy Warhol 1967 Tate Gallery"
Andy Warhol - 1967
24 x 33.75 inches
ref #Warho lTate Gallery

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