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Poster Classics In the Press

On many occasions Poster Classics has given expert advice on Poster Collecting to various Newspapers and Magazines. These have been very well known and respected
Publicatons like the Wall Street Journal, Daily Telegraph, London Financial Times, Forbes Life Magazine to name a few. Click on the Icons below to link to the article either still active on the internet or scanned for your perusal.

Antiques Roadshow BBC Homes & Antiques September 2010

Financial Times of London May 15, 2009 Travel Posters
Financial Times

A New Article December for the Daily Telegraph - 9, 2007 direct link
Daily Telegraph

The Financial Times has called on us for expert advice more than once,
click to read article
Financial Times

The Wall Street Journal has called on us for expert advice ,
click to read article

Wall Street Journal

The Financial Times has called on us for expert advice more than once,
click to read article

Wall Street Journal January 27-29 2006
click to read (sorry temp bad copy)

Forbes Life Magazine April 2007
click to read article
Forbes article

Vintage Poster Classics is referenced as a "Key web address and
contact" by hobby investing expert Peter Temple in his new book,
"Superhobby Investing", along with Sotherby's and Christies.

Hobby Book

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Poster Classics Sarl is proud to present this selection of vintage posters. We are trying to find and present vintage art posters that are not just the ordinary and common vintage posters that you see on all the other poster sites, but vintage posters that we've selected carefully, that we feel are the quality and level to be associated with out website. We offer the following types of posters; antique posters, French posters, Italian posters, art prints, military posters, war posters, cappiello posters, boccasile posters, vintage French posters, vintage Italian posters, vintage travel posters and many more too numerous to name. We hope you have enjoyed visiting our gallery and if you check back we update with new additions of vintage poster art on a weekly basis.